Mutianyu Great Wall & Ming Tombs of Dingling Day Trip

Visit the Great Wall of China at Mutianyu and the Ming Tombs, both UNESCO World Heritage Sites that can be reached on a day trip from Beijing. First head to the Ming Tombs, the complex of tombs for Ming dynasty emperors. Then continue to the Mutianyu section of the Great Wall to enjoy a visit to this world-famous landmark without the crowds. Enjoy spectacular views of the Great Wall after walking or taking the cable car up the mountain. Includes lunch and stops at a jade and tea shop.
Excavated in the late 1950s, Dingling is unique among the Ming Tombs, allowing visitors to actually descend into its underground burial chamber. Built for the 13th Ming emperor, Wanli, and two of his empresses, much of the once grand structure has not survived. The whole complex is enclosed by forest, with mountains and the tops of other Ming Tombs rising up beyond the trees, making for a serene environment when not broken by the bullhorns of tour guides.

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